Spanked Guilty Boys 98

Severely Punished

Strapped to the torturing bench, the goddesses property has to endure a harsh punishment once again. The wicked Lady Milana canes her slaves ass and back with her riding crop without mercy

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Spanked Guilty Boys 94

Princess Chanel and Princess Ashley – Paddled By School Girls

This dumb principal gets the honor of being punished by super-hot school girls in uniform. First we break out the whips until he collapses, haha! We taunt him about how we are going to bring the glee club in and witness his humiliation. Then we break out the paddles! Well, one of these paddle is kind of thin to be called a paddle, LOL! He felt like such an inferior pathetic work. He got his ass paddled by hot girls in high heels until he goes down! We ended up ting him up and leaving there all night and left him there with that red paddled ass!Princess Chanel and Princess Ashley.

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Spanked Guilty Boys 93

Princess Cindi and Goddess Harley – 1st Time Whipped

This is one of our favorite, most obedient slaves. It comes whenever it is called, basically does whatever it is told, and is very eager to please. (It’s primarily Bella’s bitch, but she lets all of us use it.) The funny thing is, this bitch has never been whipped! So me and Harley decide to REALLY test it’s obedience and devotion- by BEATING it with paddles, whips, and whatever else we can get our hands on LOL. He actually takes it pretty well…until we get to the single-tails…then he crumbles at our feet with each crack of the whip.

And we totally leave him all marked up- he will be remembering US for days afterward…we even left some "lettering" on his ass to remind him of us! So who do you think did the most damage to the slave anyway Amazon Goddess Harley, or little ol’ ME Hmmm You’ll just need to watch the video to find out, slave! Although I WILL tell you that the poor slave was in absolute AGONY at certain points of this clip…LOL.

Oh! And I almost forgot! There is some bonus footage at the end of the clip because my friend Jordan came to Mean girl Manor to "watch me do my thing" to these pathetic slaves. (I tell her about it all the time and she thinks its AWESOME haha.) So she had to come see for herself. Anyways, she is behind the camera, watching and laughing for most of the clip, but at the end I ask her to come out and take a few cracks on the slave’s back for herself so she can see how it feels to be able to cause PAIN to another person with like NO repercussions whatsoever and they even have to THANK you for it! LOL. She fuckin LOVED it! She is just decked out in her casual chuck taylors or whatever. just chillin and beating on some of our slaves while we all laugh our asses off at its suffering haha.

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Spanked Guilty Boys 92

Double Single Tails Whipping with Ezada Sinn and Lady Victoria Valente

Next turn, know we want to Whip the slave ass from our naughty slaveboy with single tails! And of course we Play with the slave nipples again. Our slave like that, he is horny, so we start a double heavy whipping to stop his errection! Mistress fun! Double whipping, single tail, flogger game, femdom. Whipping with Ezada Sinn and me in leather skirts, platform heels, leather boots, Nylon stockings and satin and silk blouse. Double spanking with Mistress fun!

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Spanked Guilty Boys 91

Mistress Ezada Sinn – Age Will Not Stop The Whip

This year at the Femdom Retreat I have been served by 3 slaves, one of them 80 years old. But if anyone thought that his advanced age will mean he will be treated in a different way from other slaves – they were wrong. It doesn’t matter how young or old a slave of Mine is – his purpose is to serve Me. By taking pain, if that’s what I resire at the moment. So I will not care about My slave’s age, he will pull his pants down and take the whip for Me, whether he likes it or not, whether he can take it or not. There will be no mercy for him.

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