Spanked Guilty Boys 121

Naked Mistress II (Jana)

The slave gets an awful hard caning from the naked Mistress Jana, because he can’t behave and his mouth is really dirty too. Jana wants him to suffer really bad, because she hates slaves who can’t remember, that she is the boss in every situation, and everybody do what she tells them. So she grabs onto her cane and she gives the slave’s ass a hard time with her anger fueled strokes.

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Spanked Guilty Boys 120

Strokes & Shouts

Mistress Amanda in her black outfit is punishing her slave as usual. No matter what she teaches him, it goes away in an instant, so she has to think about different ways to punish him from time to time. But her favourite way is the whipping and now she is tormenting the half naked slave with her whips. She uses his back as her target, her strongstrokes causing him to cry out and moan from the pain.

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Duration: 00:09:26
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